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The Top-12 American Idol finalists are now down to just 10 as the pressure mounts while we move closer to crowning an American Idol Season Six champion.

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May 8, 9 Four Remain - Bee Gees week as Barry Gibb mentors
May 15, 16 Top 3 Shocker!  Or Was it?  Why Melinda went home.


March 28, 2007
Bye Bye Curly - Chris Sligh Voted Off

Chris Sligh departs, and unfairly so.  While Chris clearly would not have won the competition, the fact remains that he was Chris Sligh leaves American Idol Season Sixnot the worst singer left in the competition.  At this point, we feel a lot like Simon.  Let's just throw in the towel and let the chips land where they may.  Obviously, there are a lot of "vote for Sanjaya" pranksters out there who will continually do whatever they can to keep him alive.  This is why the fan vote is stupid.  Sure, we should vote.  Sure, we should have a say in the results.  Just not 100% of the say!  For example, on Dancing with the Stars, the fan vote accounts for a percentage of the overall score.  The judges do have something to say, and what they say does count.  Not the case with American Idol.  So while Simon scowls week after week when Sanjaya Malakar performs, his opinion carries no weight if groups of voters have the fix in to keep voting Sanjaya through.  And on that note, more power to Sanjaya.  He is a more talented version of William Hung, where he is playing this for all it's worth, and getting the press and coverage he needs.  When all is said and done, we'll always remember Sanjaya, for good reasons or bad, and for Sanjaya Malakar, that's always going to be a good thing.  By the way, we realize we haven't spoken about Melinda Doolittle, Lakisha Jones, Blake Lewis or Jordin Sparks here on result night.  That's solely because there is no reason to do so at this point. These are your four best performers by far, and we expect to see them stick around for quite some time.

March 27, 2007

It goes without saying that Melinda Doolittle was right on cue as always and did a bang up job with her rendition of Heaven Knows.  We still think Sanjaya will and SHOULD go home, but America, you keep getting it wrong.  Let's rid the competition of Sanjaya this week and let the cream rise to the top!

Tuesday night's top 10 was supposed to be inspired by Gwen Stefani.  We don't get it.  They were not required to sing No Doubt or Stefani songs, yet they still had her coaching the idols.  The coaching wasn't the true guidance we've seen past idols receive from Barry Manilow, Elton John, Diana Ross, Queen and many others.  Nevertheless, they worked with Gwen and then went on to give some good and not-so-good performances. 

The night, as always, had mixed reviews.  We'll skip right past Sanjaya Malakar. Simon Cowell said it best when he said, "Does it really matter what we think anymore?".  Perfect statement Simon!  The "Idol-busters" are clearly out to keep voting for him, but his time will come. Hopefully tonight.  Surprise solid performances came from Phil Stacey and Gina Glocksen who seemed to finally settle into who they are and what their vocal niche should be.  Phil's Every Breath You Take by The Police controlled and very well done, while Gina Glocksen's I'll Stand By You was her best performance to date, and a song that suited her very well. Lakisha Jones was solid as always and Randy Jackson thought her Last Dance by Donna summer was "hot".  Simon reinforced what we've thought all along about Blake Lewis being the competition's best male performer.  While we like Chris Sligh, and enjoy watching him, it's probably just a matter of time before he departs.  Chris stepped up with Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, and we liked the tone and the vocals.  So while Blake Lewis was solid, and we enjoyed his performance, we didn't feel the same about Justin Timberlake wannabe, Chris Richardson.  It wouldn't surprise us if Chris was again in the bottom two, but we'll see what happens tonight.  Jordin Sparks once again lit up the stage with a performance of Hey Baby Hey, which was daring, yet dynamic and well done.  Jordin continues to power her way to respect with every passing week.  Haley Scarnato performed True Colors and while Simon Cowell proclaimed it as forgettable, he didnt' hate it, and that should be enough to keep the gorgeous Haley around for another week.

Our opinion on Tuesday's show is that Sanjaya and Chris should be expected to hit the bottom vote getters once again.  We'll see what happens!  Let us know what you think about Melinda Doolittle or any of the competitors!




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